What's Happened So Far

The group met each other for one reason or another and traveled to the town of (I forget. I’ll put it in later). One the way to the town, though, they were accosted by a group of bandits. The group (easily) took care of the lot of them, though a few escaped and made for the hills. Unfortunately for them, Russ had a horse and followed on horseback, eventually bringing one of them back alive. Russ and the gang then walked the man into town and dropped him off with the correct authorities, expecting to later be able to question him. Rith, on the other hand, immediately got distracted by a pink haired lady. Whether there actually was one is another matter all together. As such, while Russ took care of the bandit and Tyce took care of securing a room for the night, Rith began his search for the answers to whether the pink haired lady’s carpets matched her drapes.

After securing housing and finishing up some shopping that needed to be done, they went back to the jail to interrogate the bandit. The good cop, bad cop, crazy dwarf routine ensued, with Russ playing the part of good cop, Tyce playing the part of bad cop and none other than Rith playing the crazy dwarf part. Geo played the “I’m not dealing with this, this is your neck of the woods” part. Eventually, with some coercion and a few crazy comments from the dwarf, the bandit gave up information about a giant bandit camp a day’s march away. With this information, the group left, leaving the man’s sentence to be determined when the man writing this log can ask someone what it was.

With this, Russ went back to find Marcus, the captain of the guard whom he had met briefly previously, to request his assistance in routing our the bandit camp. Marcus accepted and they made the arrangements to set out the next day.

That night, Rith got pretty drunk as the rest of the party ate their meal, and through sheer dwarven charisma was able to woo a red-haired bar maid. Through the booze, Rith thought her hair was pink, and thought his search was at an end. That night, he found out that the carpet did indeed match the drapes.

The next morning was a bustle of activity as Russ went about getting everyone up for their day long march. Tyce went to rouse Rith, who was still asleep with the barmaid in the room. Tyce woke him and was able to successfully, though hilariously, get Rith out of the room. They stayed behind to grab a bite to eat while the rest of the party, that being Russ the Hard-ass and Geo the “I think I’ll go with him,” going to find Marcus and his small platoon of soldiers. After a day’s trek, they were finally within a good enough distance to where the bandit camp was. Tyce went ahead to scout the area and found a rather sizable group of bandits who were also keeping a few merchants hostage. Tyce returned unnoticed by any sentries and reported what he found. Together with Russ, they formed a plan.

Tyce went ahead again, this time taking some cloth to make burning arrows out of. He took down most of the sentries guarding the camp, only once almost getting into some serious trouble. Then he took up position as Russ and Rith made their way into the bandit camp. Russ, in a loud voice, proclaimed they were all under arrest and to lay down their arms. The leader of the bandit group laughed and ordered his men to attack, and at this moment Tyce let loose a burning arrow that hurtled into the middle of the camp and set a patch of grass on fire. Tyce stayed up at the top of the hill, continuing to rain down arrows. Russ and Rith, on the other hand, were quickly swept up into the middle of a battle royale with the bandits. Just as the bandits began to attack Russ and Rith, though, Marcus and his squad arrived, driving a wedge into the side of the bandit forces. Marcus took down a few bandits with each swipe. Then, a lone bandit towards the back of the group wearing heavy armor emitted a loud burst of sound that made many of the men in Marcus’s group crumple to the floor.

As soon as Tyce saw this he immediately took aim and began firing away at him. Unfortunately, the man was too well armored and none of his shots were penetrating. Geo, on the other hand, took a bead on the caster and began pelting away with his blasts of dark energy, easily bypassing the physical resistance afforded to the caster by his armor. Suddenly, Tyce got this sick feeling. Every time he tried to take aim at the man, his eyes swam and he felt nauseous. Then, just as suddenly, the man vanished. Tyce decided to leave well enough alone and began to pick off more of the people surrounding Russ and Rith.

Meanwhile, Russ and Rith were back-to-back fighting off the horde of bandits. As they fought, the leader of the bandits, a behemoth of a man, waded into the fray and began taking on Russ. Like the man that he is, Russ stood there and fought toe-to-toe with the man, with Rith doing all he could to keep the smaller pesky bandits from interrupting the harsh melee. Finally, with a great slash, Russ was able to take the man down. As the bandit leader went down, Russ shouted victoriously “Lay down!!”

Just as the melee down below began to finish up, Tyce was smacked over the back by an invisible mace. The caster rematerialized right behind Tyce. Tyce quickly dodged around the caster, tumbling and weaving in and out of the man’s swings. He then lined up a shot at point blank range and fired. Still, the caster’s well made armor deflected the shot. Tyce then wound back with his gauntleted fist and took a swipe at him, still to no avail. Frustrated, Tyce took a swig of a potion that had been dangling at his belt. The magical power of the potion washed over him and he turned invisible, but not before the caster ran up to him and took another hit on him. Tyce quickly moved away from the spot as te caster continued to flail, trying to find him. Tyce took a few steps back, drew back on his mighty bow and took careful, letting loose one final arrow that found a crevice in the bandit’s armor, piercing the man’s lungs. As the magic wore off, he ran up to the dying man in rage and began to beat on it over and over until Rith and Russ were able to pull him off.

The rest of the day was spent gathering the captured merchants, distributing and returning the stolen goods, and then resting. They also met a new friend, Veeratha, a conjurer that had been traveling with the merchants when they were captured. The next day the surviving men of Marcus’s group, along with a little help from an enlarged Rith, dug a mass grave for the dead bandits. They returned back to town without further incident and, exhausted, fell asleep in their respective beds.

That night, though, in the middle of the night, there was a slight scratching at the door of each of their rooms. Tyce, Russ, Geo and Veeratha all heard the noise and woke themselves up. Tyce quickly nudged Rith awake as he put on his bladed gauntlet, then hid in the shadows behind the door. All three doors swung open simultaneously. Geo and Russ both reacted to the open door the same way: by caching a thrown knife with some part of their body. Russ immediately went down, being knocked out by the poison that had been coated on the knife. Geo on the other hand held on long enough to blast the would-be assassin with a blast of energy before being hit with another knife. This time, Geo went down too.

In Tyce and Rith’s room, Rith groggily awoke to the face of terror of an assassin being himself assassinated. As the killer came in through the door and prepared to throw a knife at Rith, Tyce jumped out of the shadows and stabbed the man in the back, severing the spinal column. Rith had enough sense in him to get up out of bed and heal and stabilize the man. Tyce had enough sense in him to turn around and run straight across the hallway, leaping on the back of and stabbing the assailant about to kill both Geo and Russ. Meanwhile, in Veeratha’s room, she quickly conjured up a celestial dog and then disappeared under a veil of magic. As the hitman came through the door, he was attacked by the dog, and Veeratha slipped out. The man took care of the dog handily, but wasn’t able to hold up against Tyce slamming into his back and stabbing him in the back of the neck.

Tyce returned to his room to find the unconscious assassin he’d fist stabbed tied up at the foot of his bed. He then spent the rest of the night awake watching the assassin. He finally woke up, then, realizing what had happened, began fumbling with something in his mouth. Tyce called for Rith to wake up, but it was too late. The man bit down on something in his mouth and immediately died.


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