Caria is a strongly agricultural region, with the lake, river, and abundant rainfall to contribute to already fertile land. Their culture is based on order, with a distinct Roman feel. They are ruled by an King, who is advised by the Judge-Paladins and a council of Lords. They have legions, much as their Roman counterparts. Maintaining order within their territory is the job of 3 distinct organizations: the military, the constabulary, and the judges. The military patrols and clears out bandits, and guards the border. The constabulary maintain order within towns, arresting, jailing, etc. The judges are somewhere in between. There are several ranks of judges, the Knight-Judge, Lord-Judge, and the Judge-Paladins. In times of emergency, judges can order the mobilization of the military (or militia) and command military actions. They are not, however, not battlefield commanders. Judges are sometimes called upon to settle legal disputes and interpret the law. They also handle matters of espionage, security, and intelligence for the Kingdom.

Caria is expanding and growing. On the east border, Caria and Iberia have expanded so their borders meet. This region is still relatively newly settled, and serious border conflict has so far been avoided. When they both want to expand some more however, conflict is inevitable. To the west, the military contends with orc and goblinoid tribes in the foothills and mountains, in addition to the occasional giants and more dangerous creatures. Needless to say, progress settling this region is slow.

The landscape is mostly highland region in the interior and to the south, with relatively gentle hills. To the west, the land is drier and more rugged as you head toward the mountains. Along the north coast, to the west, there is a region of very flat land with lower altitude. To the east, the landscape turns increasingly hilly and rugged heading toward to the territory claimed by Iberia.

Caria has a strong pantheonic religion, which they share with Iberia. It is rigid and well-organized, with the relationships between different gods being of great importance.

Major Cities: Camuranium – capital near highland lake

Exports: Grain and other crops, Iron, Manufactured Items

Resources: Agriculture, Iron, Copper, Tin, Gold, Stone from Western Border

Flavor: Distinct Roman flavor, militaristic culture strongly oriented around order and discipline

Religion of Caria


Origins Teferi