Eisenheim is the domain of the dwarves in the Barrier Mountains and the three spurs. It is a spread out nation of communities in and on the mountains of the ranges. Only dwarves and those they guide are able to find their way through the treacherous mountains, through passes, tunnels, underground rivers, and paths on the surface. The Barrier Mountains, as their name implies, are nearly impassable on foot, as they are so rugged and treacherous. The other nations have never managed to successfully explore and map the region to find any way through the mountains except the two rivers and the dwarven lock system.

The dwarven city Eisenheim is located on the shore and in the mountains bordering an enormous glacial lake – Lake Bodensee. Two rivers flow from the lake, one to the east and one to the west, traveling eventually out of the mountains and to the Erenost Bay to the east and to the Laptev Sea to the west. The dwarves long ago built an enormous series of locks around the falls of either river to portage ships between the lake and the rivers below the falls. In this way, they control the only viable route directly across the continent and make enormous money with the trade this brings.

The dwarves produce mainly items of metal, stone, or precious gems, although they also brew many fine ales and beers. They keep secrets of many metals unique to the mountain range and superior alloys that they use to construct goods of the highest quality. The best smiths and metal craftsmen in the continent live here.

Exports: Arms and Armor, High Quality Metalwork, Precious Stones and Gems, Jewelry, Ales and Beers

Resources: Metals, Stone, Gems, Precious Minerals

Flavor: The Dwarven Kingdom of Eisenheim is intended to have a German flavor, with a very industrious and serious people, who are fierce and disciplined in war.

Religion of the Dwarves of Eisenheim


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