Geodew Kaine

“A Man in search of power!”

“Well, or something like that. He doesn’t seem to talk about a whole lot else. I keep tryin’ and tryin’ to get him to pull his head out of his ass and stop being such an awkward turtle in public but tha’ bastard won’t say anythin!

“Whatever. He’s taggin’ along to chase after whoever it is Tice and I are after. Man, what the hell is the fucker carrying? I’ve forgotten. Well I never really cared anyway. Right. sigh I wish I could remember everyone else’s last names…”


Dude weirds me the fuck out. Doesn’t ever say anything…


The man is quite and contemplative, with disturbing reserves of power. What his true goals and aims are is hard to guess, but he acts with civility and restraint, two markers of a man of distinction. He is clearly ambitious though, in pursuit of power, and not above taking matters into his own hands. A disquieting thought considering what I’ve seen him capable of. But he acts for good, and for this I see him as a man of quite virtue.



Hi there! I’m the omniscient narrator, here to tell you about this guy named Geodew, nickname “Geo.” I picked his name as a combination/derivative of the words geode and dew (which combined rather nicely since they share two characters), into a name that sounds elfy/magey.

Kaine, however, is a harder-sounding contrast that represents, although he is a mage, he is a Warlock and uses unconventional demonic ties to cast his invocations.

Geodew is “in search of power,” meaning that he wishes nothing more than to become stronger. His quest for power is not one out of pure ambition, though, but out of necessity—evil warlocks do not tolerate demonic powers used to good ends, and wink wink nudge nudge maybe have threatened Geodew or his family in the past.

Geodew is quiet about his past, family, history, origins, and the source of the power that he already has, other than the fact that he inherited his warlock powers from his father. Perhaps he will open up later, eh?

Geodew worships Horas, a god of Good. Geodew openly admits, though, that despite Horas being his role model, he is imperfect and cannot match up to Horas’ willingness to help others. When it comes down to important issues, however, Geodew seems to be more than dependable to do the right thing. Thus it seems any potential friction between Geodew and Russ does not exist because Russ acts in a large part how Geodew wishes he could.

Ties with other PCs

Rith: Accompanies him to bars, claims to want to “make sure Rith doesn’t get himself into trouble.” Geodew is the only other adventurer besides Rith to see the mysterious pink-haired lady.

Tyce: Geodew and Tyce had an awkward conversation about Geodew’s motives, in which Geodew revealed that the man Tyce was hunting may be in possession of a powerful magic item that Geodew would like to get his hands on. Geodew, however, suspiciously claimed that he did not know exactly what the item did, perhaps hinting that he did not trust Tyce with the information.

Russ: Geodew and Russ have not talked at length, but Geodew mainly seems to “approve of his actions” thus far.

Ties with NPCs

Geodew is a very quiet man. He lets others better versed in conversation handle talking to people, except during interrogations—Geo’s cynical nature allows him to easily discern when someone is lying to him.

Geodew Kaine

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