Iberia spans the hills and a section of the interior highlands in the southeastern region of the continent. This includes the peninsula at the entrance to the Erenost Bay as well as land to the west and south, up to the border with Caria.

Iberia has a number of different sources of income and power. They have decent farmland, mines for various ores, and a commanding strategic position by the entrance to the Erenost Bay. This gives them a very strong trading position in the region as well.

Their government is structured around a king, similarly to that of Caria. However, they have no analog of the Judges in Caria territory. Their military is slightly less rigid than that of Caria, but includes a large and strong navy.

They share the same language with Caria, although they have differing accents. Their also worship the same pantheon of gods, although in a slightly different manner. For the most part though, their religion is the same.

Exports: Crops, Iron, Manufactured Goods, Jewelry

Resources: Agriculture, Iron, Silver, Gold

Flavor: Focused on Mercantile, Military, and Maritime Power

Religion of Iberia


Origins Teferi