Riga is the region to the west of Eisenheim and the Barrier Mountains, settled primarily by humans. It covers the forest, the plains to the south, land to the west up to the coast of the Laptev sea, and land to the north as well. It is loosely ruled by a Great Tsar. In reality, the Great Tsar rarely interferes in local matters in most areas and the Tsars and Boyars rule their own lands and war against each other as they wish.

The people don’t have any cohesive religion, but share some common myths and superstitions. Their religion is mostly shamanistic, revering various spirits. However, some regions also worship either a sun god or earth goddess.

Exports: Lumber and wooden goods, Grain and food, Furs

Resources: Lumber, Iron, some Metals, Agriculture

Flavor: This region is intended to be based in Russian folklore and culture, with myths of rusalkas and polevois, banniks and domovois.


Origins Teferi