Rith Sarvesh

A dwarf who’s all about finding out the true meaning of stuff and whatever

Okay so my tagline’s not all awesome or whatever but leave me alone, alright? I’m trying to sell myself as some kind of badass but at the same time I kind of give you more of an idea about myself from commenting on everyone else.

Anyway I’m a worshipper of Gildrith. I like ale, mead, ladies, beer, and long walks on the beach. Fuck this, I don’t have to tell you about me. I don’t even really care if you like me. I’ve met nothin’ but jerks this whole damn trip (except that red-haired barmaid, who was wonderful company, if ya know what I mean). Anyway, I’m going to get drunk.


He’s what you get if you take the essence of seven dwarves, condense it and then cram it all into that little body of his. He’s loud, obnoxious, annoying, perverted and loves ale more than one can imagine something liking anything. But he’s also a damn good healer, a wonderful friend and somebody I can really count on to spot me while I’m pickin’ off “fuckers,” as he’d call them, from afar. Plus he’s also really really entertaining. Especially when you start tickling him. And when he’s drunk.


Loud, obnoxious, possibly psychotic. From what I can tell, he enjoys life to the fullest, often at the expense of things that truly matter. However, he is a stout and brave warrior, able to handle himself with distinction in times of trouble. He is versed in the healing arts and a more than capable caster. One would be very mistaken to underestimate him.


Seems like a pretty good guy, despite his constant lust for beer. Doesn’t seem to affect him that much, anyway, heh. Anyway, he holds his own in combat, and heals people. What more would you want from a comrade? Although, if I could heal people, I don’t know if I’d be using those blessings to heal my enemies… it may cause more trouble than harm one day.


Rith Sarvesh

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