Russ Guillone

The man with connections to bigwigs all over the place.

Russ stands at 6’2”, with long black hair which he keeps tied back. His face is clean shaven, and has the features common to the peasant classes of Bissel, with dark eyes and a smallish nose and shallow cheeks. He is well muscled and his skin tells of a life spent out of doors. He weighs approximately 195 lbs. When unarmored, he often wears leather breeches and a white tunic, over which is thrown a green vest on which is stitched the insignia of his order. In battle, Russ dons a complete set of plate mail. It is well crafted of brushed steel, and is oiled nightly before he sleeps to keep it in good condition. The armor is of standard make, with the exception of the design emblazoned on the breastplate. Here is recorded the insignia of his order, and declares his rank and personal heraldry, a design of a winter blossom unique to the lands surrounding his birthplace. At all times he carries with him his longsword, and ancient weapon which is distinctly not standard issue. It is old, not of particularly notable quality, but keen edged due to Russ’s diligent attention. It’s grip is oiled leather leading to a simple crossgaurd and on to an equally simple blade supporting a double fuller running about ¾ the length of the blade.
Russ is a man of conviction. He has devoted his life to the order of Knight-Judges in Bissel, a land of order and station. He believes that the basis of society is law and that in all ways justice must be upheld. It is these ideals which Russ attempts to embody. He is a slave to the social hierarchy, acutely aware of title and rank, and respectful of each. Tradition carries much weight with him, and he expects those around him to accord to him the same respect in rank and tradition that he accords them. However, he is a soul torn between two ideals. He believes in doing what is right, and will always attempt to justify doing what he believes to be right even if it conflicts with the letter of the law. Although he attempts at being a judge, blind to all but justice, he can’t quite make it, a part of him will always rule in favor of what he perceives as the right thing. He holds most dear the belief that it is the responsibility of the strong to protect those that cannot protect themselves, and more specifically, that it is his duty alone to stand against those forces that would destroy that which is precious to him. To this end, he is a protector, and so long as he draws breath, he will do all in his power to defend those under his charge, without thought or remorse. He is not particularly bright, nor wise, nor exceedingly skilled in battle, but he possesses a strength of personality borne from his conviction, and a strength of will to fight long after others have fled or fallen.

Companion’s Comments:
So this guy’s all about the “honorable thing to do” stuff which is great or whatever, up until I end up pullin’ enough spears out of his ass to furnish a small army. But at least the fucker can take spears to the ass and doesn’t fall over in a heap.

Anyway, he’s good to have around cause he can get a fair audience with the big people and get some adventure in our otherwise shallow search for whether the carpets match the drapes. You know, it adds intrigue or whatever.


Dude needs to get that stick out of his ass.


I wish I had the same faith in society that he did. Maybe if he saw what I’ve seen, though…


Russ Guillone

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