Tyce Hiruou

A man who offers ass-kicking like it was free beer.

Physical Description:
Tyce is 5’ 8” in height, lean and well muscled, and about 190 pounds. He has the body of an acrobat, and has shown amazing agility many times. He has short brown hair, and a goatee. His hair is usually very well-groomed, but his clothing isn’t usually very clean, covered in dirt and mud. He does enjoy staying clean, but cleanliness doesn’t usually come with his line of work. He wears his chain shirt underneath a tunic, and his entire wardrobe is of earthen colors. On his back is strapped what can only be described as an absurdly large bow. Strung it’s about as tall as Tyce is. Unstrung it’s about six feet tall. He has his quiver strapped at his waist on the right side. He is also often seen with a wicked-looking gauntlet on his right hand. The gauntlet doesn’t seem to impede his manual dexterity, but extending from the top at the wrist are two blades that run the length of his outstretched hand. The blades are like those of a dagger. He has shown great aptitude with this weapon, and anyone thinking that getting up close to him will help their cause will be unpleasantly surprised.

Friend’s Comments:
The bastard has stuck with me since whenever I saved his ass back in whatever that big city was. Nursed the fucker back to health and gave him love for Harpy-wings (those things are delicious). Tha’ bastard loves the things but he’s kind of a dick when it comes to getting a lady out of the room in the morning (and he should know how long it takes to get tha’ blasted armour on, eh?).

But he’s reliable as far as blastin’ a few fuckers from afar is concerned, and he’s managed to take my shit for a few months so he’s a keeper, you know?


Tyce? I’m not really sure where to begin. He is exceedingly skilled, that is certain. Where he picked up these skills and for what purpose I’d rather not know. He is one of the most effective archers I know, and has a shrewed sense about him. He also has an uncomfortable willingness to exploit every path to his gain. I get the feeling that the “criminal” he is here to gather is more than what he claims, But I have no proof and no good reason not to trust his word. Thus far he has been a loyal companion, and so long as I keep a close eye on him I have every confidence he will be a powerful ally.


...Saved my life. And I don’t like being in debt. I plan on returning the favor. ...I have nothing else to say, other than “Damn, he’s good with a bow.”


Tyce Hiruou

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